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How Direct Offer Benefits Businesses & Pros

Pro sweeping hotel lobby

If you’ve been using the Gigpro platform for a while, you’ve likely found your go-to pool of Pros that you want to keep bringing back for more shifts. We've made it easy to do just that with our new Direct Offer feature. Direct Offer is a new feature designed to simplify the process of matching Pros with businesses. With Direct Offers, businesses can now send Pros an offer to apply for a gig directly.

Once the Pro receives a Direct Offer, they'll be notified via push notification and can also view it in the schedule tab. Direct Offers can help businesses be more efficient in finding the right Pro for a particular shift, and fast-pace the process to get someone in the door to help quickly. You can use this feature to invite Pros to existing gigs or send them exclusive offers for newly created shifts. Businesses can offer a Gig to an individual Pro or to a Group of Pros.

To access this feature, navigate to an individual Pro profile (whether already in a group via our new Groups feature, or via search using our new Find a Pro feature) and at the top of the page under their Bio picture you’ll find 'Send offer.' Click the button and then select an existing gig, or create a new Gig for the Pro.

If you already have a Pro or group of Pros in mind to work an event, or help cover your line during dinner service then you can use Direct Offer to send them an offer to work the Gig.

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to use Direct Offer: