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Use Pro Profile to Select the Most Qualified Pros For Your Shifts

Business accessing Gipro Pro Profile feature on laptop.

Pro Profile is a powerful feature that enables you to gain a complete overview of the Pros who are applying to your shifts. With this feature, you'll have access to vital information such as the Pro's preferences, availability, rating and reviews, wage history by position, skills, past experience, and certifications. Through Pro Profile you'll get the intel you need about Pros to make smarter decisions. It gives you the opportunity to see an all-encompassing snapshot of the Pros that are applying to your shifts.

Feature Benefits:

  1. Make Smarter Decisions: With Pro Profile, you'll have all the information you need to make informed decisions about which Pros to choose for your shifts. You can quickly and easily assess a Pro's suitability based on their experience, skills, and ratings.

  2. Efficient Hiring Process: Instead of scrolling through a long list of Pros looking for the best fit, Pro Profile allows you to view all the necessary information about a Pro in one place. This makes the hiring process more efficient and saves you time.

  3. Comprehensive Snapshot: Pro Profile provides a complete snapshot of a Pro's strengths, reviews, and background. This enables you to get a more accurate idea of their suitability for your business.

Pro Profile gives you access to:

  • Pro preferences 

  • Availability

  • Ratings

  • Reviews

  • Wage history by position

  • Skills, past experience, and certifications

Simply click on a Pro's profile in admin and you will all of the available fields and history about that particular Pro. This will educate you quickly so you can determine if they’re the best fit for your shift. 

Here's a step by step visual on how to use Pro Profile to make your gig posting and applicant selection experience more efficient.

Pro Profile Use Cases:

  1. Onboard New Staff: If you're looking to onboard new staff, Pro Profile is a great way to quickly assess which Pros are the best fit for your business. You can view their skills, experience, and ratings to determine who is the most suitable candidate.

  2. Manage Shifts: Pro Profile allows you to efficiently manage shifts by providing all the necessary information about a Pro in one place. This enables you to quickly assess their availability and suitability for a particular shift.

  3. Assess Performance and Growth: Pro Profile also enables you to assess a Pro's performance over time by providing wage history by position and rating and reviews. This allows you to identify high-performing Pros who are eager to learn, and reward them accordingly.

Watch this How-to Video on Pro Profile: