How Gigpro Helped Taco Boy on Folly Beach Crush Their Sales Record

Delivering fast service is easy when you are staffed up with Hospitality Pros from Gigpro that can help keep the kitchen flowing and dishing out delicious tacos.

Taco Boy Folly Beach is an extremely popular, high-volume restaurant known for its fun atmosphere, selection of tacos, and strong margaritas. The Folly Beach location of Taco Boy, like all Folly Beach restaurants, experiences an influx of guests during the busy tourist season, which creates staffing challenges during the interim months of March and April. 

Taco Boy started using Gigpro in August 2021 to staff open dishwashing shifts at their Folly Beach store. After the initial successes with Gigpro, they have expanded their use of Gigpro to also include the downtown Charleston location - and regularly post shifts for line and prep cooks. 

In March 2022, the Folly Beach location experienced a large uptick in business, requiring the team to rely heavily on Gigpro to provide adequate staffing.

“We broke our company-wide sales record in March for the first time since Covid. That would not have been possible if we weren’t properly staffed through Gigpro”.

To date, Gigpro Pros have filled over 359 gigs at Taco Boy Folly Beach and over 150 across the other locations. Pros filling shifts at Taco Boy locations earn an average of $18 per hour. 

By the numbers


Pros have filled shifts with Taco Boy Folly Beach


Gigs across the other Taco Boy locations


Average hourly wage earned by Pros at Taco Boy