How Chi’lantro Uses Gigpro to Improve Benefits for Their Full-Time Employees

Diners in Chi'lantro receiving great customer service from Gigpro workers

Chi’lantro was first introduced to Austin, TX in 2010 as a food truck. By 2015, the business grew to include eight brick-and-mortar restaurants in the area. Today, Chi’lantro has locations throughout Austin and Houston. 

Management first began using Gigpro in December 2021 to help cover shifts that would allow existing team members to take some deserved vacation days. Historically, the company experiences turnover in January, while also maintaining a steady business. January 2022 was no exception. As part of the new employee onboarding process, prospective Chi’lantro employees must complete a 10-day training program. During this time, management relied on Gigpro to fill shifts, so that the new hires could focus on training without slowing down service. In February and March 2022, Chi’lantro “staffed up” to prepare for the busy spring and summer seasons, even hiring two pros to join the team full-time. 

Chi’lantro has found multiple ways to utilize Gigpro that keep the restaurants operating efficiently. Gigpro allows Chi’lantro to give current employees time off during holidays and busy seasons, to assist the staff during extra busy shifts, and as a backup if an employee calls out. During peak demand times, Chi’lantro posts 30-40 gigs per week across the Austin-area stores. The platform design allows Chi’lantro to quickly and easily post several gigs at a time for different stores, while also keeping the individual stores financially organized. 

Currently, management relies on Gigpro’s review system, as well as the experience listed in each pro’s bio to determine and select the ideal pros for the individual positions being posted. They also identify star pros that have excelled while covering shifts at Chi’lantro that they rehire often. To date, Chi’lantro has posted over 160 gigs and hired two pros as full-time employees. 

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