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How Gigpro Supersedes Staffing Agencies

How Gigpro Supersedes Staffing Agencies

Hospitality businesses require reliable and skilled workers to deliver top-notch service to their customers. But finding quality staff can be a challenge. That’s where employers often bring in staffing agencies. 

What is a staffing agency?

A staffing agency (also called a temp agency or recruitment agency) matches employers with staff who are looking for short-term work or a permanent job. These workers may be hired for various positions, such as host, chef, bartender, housekeeper, and more. Staffing agencies are responsible for sourcing and recruiting the workforce. Unfortunately, many staffing agencies have unethical practices when it comes to doing work with their contractors or employees.

Gigpro is different.

What does Gigpro provide?

Gigpro is not a staffing agency. Gigpro is a unique solution that provides hospitality businesses with access to a pool of talented and experienced workers, who are looking to pick up extra shirts or do gig work in the hospitality field. Gigpro offers a platform for businesses to post their job requirements and select the right candidate for the shift. 

There are several key differentiators between Gigpro and traditional staffing agencies:

Quality of Workers

  • Gigpro focuses on hiring high-quality Pros who are already employed at reputable companies and looking to pick up extra shifts in the real world. Gigpro also hires formally educated hospitality students looking to learn and challenge themselves. This ensures that businesses get access to a pool of talented and experienced gig workers, who are committed to delivering excellent service.

  • Traditional staffing agencies often struggle to maintain consistent quality among their temporary workers, which can lead to concerns about reliability and job performance. Many staffing agencies also fail to understand the industry specifics, and therefore may not be familiar enough to pick the right candidates.


  • Gigpro offers complete transparency to businesses by allowing them to post the pay range, and job requirements, and select the candidate that best suits their needs. Candidates can view this information and filter job postings by these criteria. This means that they pick the employer just as much as the employer picks them.

  • Traditional staffing agencies may not be transparent about their hiring process, the terms of employment, or the pay and benefits that workers can expect. This can lead to confusion and frustration among job seekers and can make it difficult to retain employees. This frustration often leads to poor reviews on employer-rating sites like Glassdoor and negative word-of-mouth.


  • Gigpro charges only 22.5% of each gig posted, with no direct hire fees if a business wants to convert a Pro to a full-time employee. Plus, you post the pay range so you know upfront what costs you can expect.

  • Traditional staffing agencies often charge a percentage of the worker’s hourly wage, which can add up over time and become unaffordable for businesses. On top of this cost, some staffing agencies will also charge companies to keep them on retainer.


  • Gigpro offers businesses flexibility by allowing them to post jobs on short notice and select a candidate that best suits their needs. As soon as a candidate applies, the hiring process can begin. Gigpro does not act as the middle-man for hiring communication, so you can reduce the amount of time needed from job post to hire.

  • Traditional staffing agencies may have a limited pool of workers available, and it may take longer to find the right candidate for the job. A truly flexible work schedule is hard to offer when your hiring needs require too much-advanced notice.


  • Gigpro has a Pro success team that follows up with Pros before their upcoming gigs, to ensure they are prepared to show up on time, do their best, and take ownership of their work. Gigpro does everything in its power to make sure both the Pros and businesses are set up for a successful business relationship.

  • Traditional staffing agencies may have poor communication with their clients or temporary workers, leading to misunderstandings and missed opportunities. Because staffing agencies have multiple clients, they are not always able to communicate in a timely fashion or get a deep enough understanding of the role or candidate.


  • Gigpro is proud to support hospitality companies and employees. It was founded by food & beverage professionals who identified a need for a better work-life balance, better pay, and more flexibility within the industry. Gigpro even offers benefits to Pros, including affordable accident insurance and telehealth insurance.

  • Traditional staffing agencies aren’t all the same, but some have been criticized for their overall ethics. In addition to low pay, they may have poor working conditions for their temporary workers and partner with low-grade clients. This can create a negative perception of the agency and make it difficult to attract high-quality candidates. Some also question if these agencies are exploitative in the way that they charge high fees to clients while paying low wages to workers. 

Overall, Gigpro is the best choice for finding high-quality talent to fill hospitality roles. When you combine ethical hiring practices with a specialized candidate pool, you end up with a positive outcome for all involved. When you want to post your next opening, or find a hospitality gig near you, try Gigpro.