One Golf Resorts Innovative Approach to Staffing and Retainment using Gigpro

server pouring golfers champagne and water

A private Residential Golf Resort faced unique challenges in managing its workforce due to fluctuating business demands. To address these issues, the Golf Resort implemented the utilization of the Gigpro platform, which has since transformed its approach to staffing and employee retention. The organization operates in an industry marked by varying staffing needs tied to seasonal changes and event schedules. Historically, this unpredictability led to difficulties in maintaining a consistent workforce for managing larger events, necessitating the use of local temporary staffing services that came with higher costs.

A strategic approach was taken in utilizing gig workers, primarily for roles like event preparation and food service during peak business periods. The gig economy platform allowed for rapid onboarding, with workers receiving essential training in just 15 minutes. This streamlined process ensured gig workers seamlessly integrated into the club's operations, enhancing efficiency during events.

One significant outcome of this gig worker strategy was its role as a testing ground for potential full-time hires. The flexibility of the platform enabled prospective employees to experience the work environment and culture of the organization, and vice versa. Consequently, many gig workers who initially joined through the platform eventually transitioned to become full-time employees, serving both the club's immediate staffing needs and its long-term talent pipeline.

By moving away from traditional local temporary staffing services with high finder's fees and hourly rates, the organization achieved substantial cost savings. This cost reduction allowed for more efficient resource allocation, enabling investment in other areas of its operations.

The organization's innovative adoption of the gig economy platform for staffing and retention purposes highlights the advantages of agile workforce management in the face of fluctuating business demands. This successful case serves as an inspiring example of how businesses can leverage gig economy platforms to address their unique operational challenges while nurturing talent for sustained growth.

We don't have enough full-time employees to service our biggest events, and that's where our gig economy platform has come in. It has allowed us to move away from using some of the local temporary services here that have much higher markups on their finder's fee and hourly rate, which is usually 10-15% higher.

- Assistant Director of Food and Beverage