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86 the worry that comes with not having enough staff

With Gigpro, we’re giving you the tools you need to thrive. We’re here to help you fill that last minute no show, staff for a busy week ahead, or even help you find your next team member.

  • All Pros on the platform are vetted by our team
  • Pros are covered with Occupation Accident Insurance
  • We handle secure payment transfer and year-end tax work
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Posting Gigs is simple: Add shift information, position details, requirements, and billing info. Once posted, your Gig will be live on the Gigpro app where Pros can apply.

Select multiple Pros from your applicant pool to increase the odds of it getting filled. The offer will round robin until one of the Pros confirms it.

Once the Gig is over, it’s best practice to pay and rate Pros as soon as possible. However, businesses have up to 2 business days to do so.

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How Gigpro Helped Taco Boy on Folly Beach Crush Their Sales Record

Taco Boy Folly Beach is an extremely popular, high volume restaurant known for its fun atmosphere, selection of tacos, and strong margaritas. The Folly Beach location of Taco Boy, like all Folly Beach restaurants, experiences an influx of guests during the busy tourist season, which creates staffing challenges during the interim months of March and April.

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Tacos in restaurant environment