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We’re here to help you find those extra set of hands when planning for larger events. Schedule and post Gigs in advance of your event and book the help you know you’ll need.

  • All Pros on the platform are vetted by our team
  • Pros are covered with Occupation Accident Insurance
  • We handle secure payment transfer and year-end tax work
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Creating an account is free and easy. You can do it here! Once your account is approved, we'll setup a time with you to get your business set up on the platform.

Posting Gigs is simple: Add shift information, position details, requirements, and billing info. Once posted, your Gig will be live on the Gigpro app where Pros can apply.

Select multiple Pros from your applicant pool to increase the odds of it getting filled. The offer will round robin until one of the Pros confirms it.

Once the Gig is over, it’s best practice to pay and rate Pros as soon as possible. However, businesses have up to 2 business days to do so.

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How Austin caterer La Pera uses Gigpro to support events

La Pera is a full-service, high-end caterer that was established in Austin,Texas in 2018. As an event company, La Pera employs a core staff of about twenty people to work full-time. Weekend staffing requires a huge increase of team members...

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La Pera