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How Austin Caterer La Pera Uses Gigpro To Support High-Attendance Events

How Austin Caterer La Pera Uses Gigpro To Support High-Attendance Events

La Pera is a full-service, high-end caterer that was established in Austin, Texas in 2018. As an event company, La Pera employs a core staff of about twenty people to work full-time. Weekend staffing requires a huge increase of team members - sometimes around 300 people - to cover the weekend events. Before COVID, La Pera relied on their “weekend warriors” to assist with events. However, post-COVID, many of these weekend workers left the industry. 

After hearing about Gigpro through an industry Facebook forum, La Pera signed up for Gigpro and began posting gigs. Per the business owner, La Pera is in a place of growth, and Gigpro gives access to enough staff to allow the company to take on more events. During the busy event season, they post gigs almost daily. Le Pera most commonly uses Gigpro Pro for event bartenders, event servers, event cooks, event prep cooks, and warehouse support.

For La Pera, Gigpro is an accessible staffing source, as the app allows multiple gigs to be posted at one time, which is important for an event company, and also allows them to choose the hourly rate per gig, starting at a base of $15/hr. They appreciate that there is no surge pricing or recruitment fees applied. They also appreciate the accessibility of Gigpro’s customer service. 

To date, La Pera has posted and filled 1,091 shifts and hired 7 pros for full-time positions with the company. They usually pay an average rate of $22 per hour.

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