How a National Fast Food Brand Uses Gigpro to Solve Its Staffing Problems

How a National Fast Food Brand Uses Gigpro to Solve Its Staffing Problems

This popular fast-food chain is known for providing a higher quality of food and service than its competitors. The training program is known to be a quite involved process to maintain corporate brand standards. There are three established stores in the Charleston, S.C.-area with two different owners. Following the COVID-19 closures, this brand maintained drive-thru operations for an extended period. When decisions were made to re-open inside services, additional staff was needed immediately for daily operations, as well as the influx of business on Saturdays from 8 AM - 2 PM. 

One area owner was the first to register with Gigpro in April 2021, as the additional staff was needed when inside dining resumed. Beginning slowly in one of the locations, management started by posting only 8 shifts per month while they became acclimated with the app and determined the best way to incorporate Gigpro Pros seamlessly into regular operations, while also working to hire more staff. Following the staffing challenges created by the initial re-opening, increased staffing was needed during the peak Saturday hours, as well as a large catering influx during the holidays. 

After using Gigpro for six months,  this store increased usage to 119 posted gigs per month and hired five Gigpro Pros as full-time employees. Additionally, the other two locations began using Gigpro for staffing needs.

By using Gigpro, this owner was able to reopen inside dining without any delays due to staffing shortages. They were also able to handle the increased Saturday volume without jeopardizing brand standards by using Gigpro’s pros in the back-of-house and allowing the existing, corporately-trained staff to handle customer interactions in the front. Surges in catering requests are also handled without affecting regular service.

From April 2021 - December 2021, the three stores posted, filled, and paid for 467 gigs on Gigpro. During the holiday season, 75-120 gigs were posted per month to assist with catering. Currently, the three stores post an average of 50-60 gigs per month. The management explains that Gigpro provided a reliable source to fill shifts vital in allowing for successful operations.

“They provided quality workers that showed up for their shifts, some of them were so great when we saw them perform on the job, had a conversation, and hired them on full-time as part of the team,” explains one manager.