How QSR Executive Enterprises Uses Gigpro to Staff for High Volume

quick service restaurants serving fries and burgers are using Gigpro for staffing.

A top burger franchise in northern Ohio spanning 24 locations over multiple counties, encountered significant staffing issues across stores due to increased area competition, seasonality, and low application volume.

The franchise’s Director of Operations, played a key role in recognizing a need for a solution to address these challenges. After being introduced to Gigpro by another operator, he decided to try Gigpro for staffing needs in one franchise location. After finding success with one store during the trial period, Gigpro was rolled out to all 24 stores.

Navigating challenges during high-demand periods, notably at locations like Cedar Point, became a forte for Gigpro. The platform's adaptability and responsiveness shone through as it identified and successfully addressed specific challenges like scheduling issues and finding consistent Professionals, ensuring a harmonious staffing process. Using the Direct Offer feature has allowed the company to work with Pros they know personally to be real professionals that they can depend on. Because of the platform they spend less time recruiting and more time focusing on management, operations, and growth.

Despite staffing challenges, Gigpro has proven a success for the Ohio-based franchise. In just a month of use, they attribute over $60,000 in total employee hours paid to Gigpro Professionals. Before using the platform, they would pull workers from other stores to help understaffed stores, which proved to be a strain on the business. Using Gigpro has provided the franchise opportunity to plan staffing ahead of time and prevent other employees from being stretched thin.

The ripple effect of Gigpro's integration was even evident in the realm of customer service. During peak times, the platform significantly elevated the service standards. Testimonials flowed in, commending not just the efficiency and speed of service but also noting the positive impact on customer perception.

Using Gigpro, the franchise operator has staffed both front-of-house and back-of-house positions. In less than six months using the platform, two Gigpro Pros have already been considered for full-time positions, showcasing the platform's potential in talent acquisition. Success stories include Gigpro workers transitioning to management roles, underlining the platform's role not only in addressing immediate staffing needs but also in fostering long-term talent within the organization. Gigpro has proven to be a strong partnership for this top burger franchise, effectively tackling staffing hurdles and enhancing operation efficiency. They have filled over 10,000 shift hours with Gigpro workers across locations.

"Our managers were working 16 hour shifts, and were having to pull staff from one restaurant to another during seasonal periods to ensure we were staffed properly at our busier stores. After finding Gigpro for supplemental staff, we have been able to give our manager a more manageable schedule, and not sacrifice staffing at one store to meet the needs of another. We’ve had groups of Pros consistently pick up doubles across locations. And we were impressed, they were so so good. We even had two Pros that were so great that we hired them on as managers. It’s hard to find good managers. Gigpro has improved our operations across all stores, and we look forward to continuing to expand and provide great service to our customers." - Director of Operations