Fast Food Franchise Partners with Gigpro for Workforce Management On Demand

fries and ketchup are popular at this fat food franchise that uses Gigpro to cover supplemental staffing needs.

A family-owned popular fast food franchise comprising ten restaurants, spans from the vibrant heart of Atlanta, Georgia to the scenic beauty of the Blue Ridge near Tennessee. In the ever-evolving landscape of the restaurant business, this franchise encountered the complexities of workforce management, especially across diverse locations. The quest for a flexible and efficient staffing solution and a recommendation from the franchise’s Co-Owner/Operator, led them to begin using Gigpro, a platform that revolutionized how they approached their staffing needs.

After experimenting with the platform and finding success with staffing more remote restaurants, a Supervisor of four of the ten restaurants played a pivotal role in rolling out Gigpro within the franchise. Maintenance shifts, front-of-house roles, and even line cook positions, including dishwashing duties, were instantly filled through her posting on the platform. Positive feedback from individual stores highlighted Gigpro's ease of integration into the fast-paced environment, aligning seamlessly with stringent food safety requirements.

As the fast food franchise expanded it’s usage of Gigpro, there was some internal concern about platform fees. Yet, the actual impact on labor costs told a different story. The financial apprehensions were overshadowed by the tangible value Gigpro brought to the table. The worries melted away as the franchise witnessed the seamless integration of Gigpro's staffing solutions into their operational budgets. The platform has also allowed the franchise to hire quality employees who may favor higher pay over more extensive benefits.

Having had success with the platform, they leverage the platform's capabilities, using the Direct Offer feature to offer specific shifts to over two dozen Pros whom she knows to be consistent and hardworking. Their Co-owner/operator attests that Gigpro's efficiency for filling shifts has made it a reliable solution for them across all of their diverse locations.

The ability to schedule consistent shifts, the ease of integration into the existing business structure, and the platform's adaptability to diverse roles highlight the success story. Pros on Gigpro have fulfilled over 2,500 labor hours across multiple locations for this group. Gigpro, a technology solution to staffing woes, emerges as a pivotal force shaping the franchise's narrative.

“We’ve had some really really good Pros who are willing to learn and train to corporate standards. It’s been a good experience for us. We’ve been able to get out of it what we needed in terms of supplemental staff. Every shift that we are posting in adequate time is guaranteed to get fulfilled. We have 30 or more Favorited Pros and we can send out direct offers to them and get the shifts we need filled covered very quickly”

- Co-Owner/Operator