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How Enmarket Arena in Savannah Used Gigpro to Massively Cut Labor Costs While Maintaining Incredible Service and Culture

Enmarket Arena entrance where Gigpro workers are hired for set-up and breakdown and concessions

Enmarket Arena in Savannah is a 9,500-seat event venue dedicated to bringing world-class entertainment to their community in environmentally sustainable ways. The arena offers nearly 20 different food and beverage establishments to satisfy patrons as they enjoy concerts, Savannah Ghost Pirates hockey games, and more.

When Enmarket Arena first opened in February 2022, they used a temp agency to fill their hospitality staffing shifts. COVID had led to the closure of other local temp agencies capable of meeting the scale of Enmarket Arena’s needs, leaving a lack of competition that forced the venue to pay a premium for the staff required to cover their events. 

We were spending $15,000 or $18,000 per event,” explained Nathan Chambers, General Manager of Food and Beverage. Something had to change. 

Chambers started using Gigpro for Enmarket Arena’s staffing needs in May 2022 and the savings were immediate and enormously significant. Before Gigpro, the arena spent over $54,000 to staff just four events. 

Using Gigpro, Enmarket Arena spent under $27,000 to staff more than 14 events across four months. Enmarket Arena has used Gigpro to fill a wide range of positions including dishwashers, line cooks, and bartenders.

Beyond the clear financial benefits, Chambers said that he feels more confident with Gigpro workers representing the arena’s brand and image than he had with the previous company. He said he has seen Pros go above and beyond, returning across multiple shifts to take on additional responsibilities and set an inspiring example for the rest of the staff. 

No matter the size of the business, Gigpro is here to connect businesses and workers and make the hospitality industry a better place for everyone in it. 

“I think the hugest benefit compared to a typical temp agency is that there’s no buyout number. If I fall in love with [a Pro] and say ‘hey we want to bring you on’ then great!” -Nathan Chambers, GM of Food and Beverage

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