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What if I Can't Make a Confirmed Gig?

missing the bus on the way to a Gig

Life can be unpredictable. While you’d never want to deliberately ditch a professional commitment, it’s possible to be hit with an unfortunate surprise. Is it possible to cancel a confirmed Gig, and what are the penalties for doing so?

How to cancel a confirmed Gig

You can cancel a confirmed Gig or withdraw an application in the app. Tap the “schedule” tab on the bottom right, then tap the confirmed Gig or application you’d like to cancel and select cancel and confirm cancellation. 

What happens if I cancel a confirmed Gig?

You can withdraw an unconfirmed application whenever you’d like, so there’s no risk in applying to as many Gigs as you can. It’s a good idea, especially early on before you’ve built up your Pro rating and completion rate.

However, if you cancel a confirmed Gig you could face penalties depending on how close to the start time it is when you cancel. 

If you cancel a confirmed Gig with less than 24 hours’ notice, you could face a temporary suspension from the platform. The second instance of day-of cancellation will lead to a longer suspension, and the third occurrence could mean a ban.


No-shows come with stricter consequences than last-minute cancellations. The first instance of a no-show will lead to a month-long suspension and the second instance will mean a ban. If you have any further questions about cancellation not answered here, you can email Part of making Gigpro a platform that works for everyone is being sure that both Pros and businesses keep the commitments they make, and a confirmed Gig is a serious commitment.