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Getting That First Gig

Pro reviewing shifts on Gigpro on his cell phone

You’re tired of being forced into a schedule that doesn’t work for you and you’re ready to start choosing your own shifts. You downloaded Gigpro so you’re good to go. You can stand the heat and you’re ready to get into the kitchen. Except that the first gig may not come instantly. The more shifts you work, the more shifts you’ll be able to land. Read on if you need a little help securing those early gigs. 

Build a bulky bio

The competition for gigs can be significant. The more work experience you can pack into your profile, the more you’ll stand out. You’ll also want to include as many certifications as you can, as well as what you’re looking for from gigs. For example, if you would like the potential for a shift to turn into a full-time opportunity, you can make that clear on your profile.

Apply for as many gigs as possible

We know you want the best-paying shifts at the most exciting locations. Unfortunately, so does everybody else. The more shifts you work, the higher the chance you’ll be picked for future shifts. However, that means you may have a little bit of an uphill climb at the start. You can increase your chances of grabbing that first shift by applying to as many gigs as you can. That being said, be sure you’re only applying for shifts you’re qualified for and which you’re certain you can show up to. 

How will I know if I’m selected for a gig?

You’ll receive a notification in the app once you’re selected for a gig. You’ll want to accept as quickly as possible because multiple Pros can be selected for the same shift and the first Pro to confirm gets the gig. 

What do I do after I’ve confirmed a gig?

Once you’ve confirmed a gig, you should prepare to show up to the shift on time, with an understanding of the required responsibilities, and in the proper dress code if required. While emergencies happen, you should avoid canceling shifts you’ve accepted if at all possible. Cancels and no-shows will damage your rating and make it much harder to get gigs in the future.

If you’re struggling to land that first gig, try incorporating these tips and keep at it. The sense of satisfaction once you break through and get more and more of the gigs you want will be worth it.