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On the Job Tips to Show Up & Shine

smiling attentive Gigpro bartender

If you are starting a new culinary or service gig on Gigpro, you want to put your very best foot forward. You may find your new favorite business to work with, or be introduced to new professionals for your network. Be prepared to make a good impression with these tips:

Be punctual

Arrive on time, or even a few minutes early, to show that you are reliable and respectful.

Be presentable

Dress appropriately for your job and maintain good personal hygiene. This will not only make a good impression on customers but also show that you take pride in your work. Be sure to check the Gig details for any special uniform requirements listed by the restaurant.

Be a team player

Culinary and service gigs often involve working with others, so be willing to collaborate and help out when needed. This will show that you are a valuable team player.

Listen and learn

Pay attention to instructions and feedback from your colleagues and managers. This will help you learn and improve your skills, and show that you are receptive to constructive criticism.

Be proactive

Look for ways to contribute beyond your assigned tasks. This could include suggesting new ideas, offering to take on additional responsibilities, or helping out with tasks outside of your usual duties.

Stay organized

Keep track of your tasks and deadlines, and maintain a clean and organized work area. This will help you stay on top of your responsibilities and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Be customer-focused

If you are in a service role, always put the customer first. Be friendly, helpful, and responsive to their needs, and go the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction.

Show a positive attitude

Stay upbeat, even in the face of challenges or difficult customers. This will help you maintain your professionalism and keep the team morale high.

By following these on-the-job tips, you can show up and shine in your culinary or service gig, and position yourself for success in your role. Don’t forget, each time you work a shift, businesses have the opportunity to provide stars and written reviews about your performance. Also, when Pros make a great first impression, businesses are likely to favorite you on the Gigpro app and keep selecting you to come back for shifts. Show up and do your very best, and you will stay top of mind, and be in high demand for businesses that need workers they can consistently count on!