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How to Prepare for a Shift as a Server Assistant

Gigpro server assistant presenting a bottle of wine.

Being a server assistant, AKA as an “SA”, can be an exciting and rewarding role in the hospitality industry. Whether you are working in a restaurant or a hotel, this position plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth operations and exceptional customer experiences. The In this article, we’ll explore the jet aspects of being a server assistant and provide you with valuable tips to help you prepare for a successful shift.

Before we dive in, what exactly is a server assistant? While different businesses will ultimately have different needs, a server assistant is typically a person who supports servers, hosts, and managers. Often, this role combines the tasks of a food runner and busser. In restaurants, server assistants are integral team members in restaurants of all types but might be more common in high-volume and/or high-end establishments. Server assistants support the wait staff by assisting with table setup, clearing dishes, refilling drinks, and attending to general guest needs.

Whether you’re starting your first full-time shift or picking up a server assistant shift through Gigpro, we’ll break down what you need to know for a successful service.

What to Expect

As a server assistant, you will encounter a variety of tasks and responsibilities during your shift. Understanding what to expect will help you better prepare and excel in your role.

  • Table Setup:

    • Before guests arrive, you may be responsible for preparing tables by setting up utensils, napkins, and condiments. This ensures that the dining area is ready for all walk-ins and reservations.

  • Clearing and Resetting Tables:

    • Throughout the shift, you may assist in clearing tables promptly and efficiently once a table has turned. This includes removing dishes, whopping down surfaces, and setting the table for the next guests. 

  • Restock Supplies:

    • Before or after service, or when there is downtime, you may be asked to help with various restocking in the kitchen or bar. Often, there is a need for restocks on folded napkins and table settings coming from the dishwasher.

  • Beverage Management:

    • Some servers will run their own drinks, but others may depend on assistants to bring drinks to guests. Additionally, server assistants are often responsible for regularly checking on tables to refill water glasses, coffee cups, or other drinks as required.

  • Assisting Guests:

    • Although you won’t be managing a table on your own, server assistants are often relied on by guests for service and questions. You may need to assist guests with various requests such as providing extra napkins, condiments, or accommodating special dietary needs. Always be attentive, friendly, and ready to offer assistance.

Tips for a Successful Shift

  • Communication is key:

    • Maintain open and clear communication with your fellow team members, including servers, hosts, and kitchen staff. Effective communication ensures that everyone is on the same page and allows for seamless coordination.

  • Be proactive:

    • Anticipate the needs of both guests and servers. Keep an eye on tables and offer assistance whenever necessary. Proactively clearing tables and refilling beverages demonstrates your attentiveness and dedication to providing excellent service.

  • Stay organized:

    • Efficiency is crucial in a fast-paced environment. Keep your work are organized and stocked with necessary supplies. This will save you time and allow you to respond to requests, especially when in the weeds.

  • Develop a teamwork mindset:

    • Working as a server assistant requires collaboration and teamwork. Support your colleagues when needed and be willing to lend a helping hand. By fostering a positive team dynamic, you contribute to a harmonious work environment.

Preparing yourself to be a server assistant can help you have a smoother, more productive shift. By familiarizing yourself with these key aspects, you can enter your next shift with confidence and maximize your potential in delivering exceptional service.

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