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How Pros Get Paid

Gigpro app opened on phone, reviewing Gigs on the board

Let’s cut to the chase. You’re ready to work and you think you should get paid for that work as quickly as possible. We agree! Read on so we can make sure that happens.

How does Gigpro handle payment?

Gigpro uses Stripe to manage payments. After you finish a shift, the business will make their payment through Stripe and the money will be transferred to the card or account you’ve entered for your Payout Details in the settings tab.  Once a business makes its payment, it will be listed as a “Future Payout” in your Earnings tab. Stripe automatically transfers those payments to your card or account at 8 PM at the end of the business day at which time it’ll show up as “On the Way” in the app.

When will I get paid? 

Businesses are supposed to pay within 48 hours after you’ve completed your shift. If a business has not yet made its payment after 2 days, Gigpro will contact the business directly to enforce payment.  Once Stripe has initiated the transfer to your account, you should be able to access your funds within two business days. If you’d like to get your cash more quickly, you can use the Instant Payment feature.

How does Gigpro’s Instant Payment feature work?

Gigpro’s Instant Payment feature allows you to access your money within 30 minutes of the business making its payment. Instant Payment comes with a 3% fee and can only be used if you’ve entered a debit card as your payout method.  If the payment has already switched from “Future Payout” to “On the Way” in the app then it’s too late to take advantage of Instant Payment for that shift. Additionally, Stripe requires a 48-hour wait after entering a new debit card before you can make use of Instant Payment. 

What do I do if my payments aren’t working?

If you’re having payment processing issues, reach out to We know there’s nothing more stressful than not getting the pay you’re owed, which is why we do everything we can to be certain businesses make their payments on time. When it comes to technical issues surrounding money transfers, however, you’re going to find more success contacting Stripe directly.