Employee Experience

Celebrate Waitstaff Today & Everyday

evening waiter taking orders from two ladies.

May 21st is Waitstaff Appreciation Day and to some, it may just be another day but to us at Gigpro it’s a day to honor the hardworking front-of-house staff that every restaurant needs to run smoothly- especially our dedicated Pros! Front-of-house staff give us more than a plate of food…they create memories, teach us about Hospitality, create ambiance, and set the pace of your dining experience. They are some of the most hard-working people in any industry. The success of a restaurant often boils down to superior customer service from the front-of-house waitstaff.

So first let’s identify what front-of-house positions look like:

  • Host/hostess

  • Bartender

  • Server

  • Event Server

  • Station Attendant

  • Busser

  • Food Runner

  • FOH Support

  • Server Assistant

  • Barback

  • Headwaiter/head waitress

How can you support them and show appreciation?

Write a kind review!  Many restaurants partner with sites like Yelp where you’re able to share your experience. Take the extra time to mention your waitstaff so they get that special recognition they deserve. 

Tip extra. Waitstaff often works long hours, deal with demanding customers, and performs physically demanding tasks. By tipping extra, you can show appreciation for their hard work, dedication, and the effort they put into ensuring a positive dining experience for customers.

Pull their manager aside and say how lovely your experience was. Verbalizing your positive experience on this special day can serve as motivation and recognition for waitstaff. It lets them know that their efforts are noticed and valued, boosting their morale and job satisfaction. Feeling appreciated can inspire them to continue providing excellent service and maintaining a positive attitude toward their work.

Share your positive experience on social media. Social media posts have the potential to reach a wide audience and influence others' perceptions of the restaurant. When customers share positive experiences, it can contribute to the establishment's reputation and attract more customers. This, in turn, benefits the server by bringing in more business, potentially leading to increased tips and job security.

Be kind. This may come as a shock. But ask yourself this question- When was the last time you thanked your waitress/ waiter? 

At Gigpro, we are proud to have the opportunity to offer waitstaff Pros more flexibility in their schedules, more job opportunities, more choices…and in return hopefully a better life through the daily grind in Hospitality. Our mission is to support hospitality workers and business owners daily. Thank you waitstaff Pros for all that you do today and every day!