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Catering and Event Venues: Operations & Staffing

event server serving appetizers at a food station for an event.

In the dynamic realm of hospitality, the sectors of catering and event venues stand out as vibrant and bustling hubs of fun and activity. From exquisite weddings to corporate galas, these domains orchestrate unforgettable experiences for clients and guests. However, behind the scenes, a symphony of operations unfolds to ensure seamless execution. In this blog post, we'll delve into the nuances of catering and event venue management, exploring their daily operations, food and beverage services, event staffing challenges, and how the Gigpro staff app comes into play to address these needs effectively.

Distinguishing Catering from Event Venues

While both catering and event venues contribute to creating memorable occasions, their operations have distinct differences. Catering primarily focuses on the provision of food and beverage services at various locations, including weddings, corporate events, and private parties. On the other hand, event venues serve as dedicated spaces designed to host gatherings, offering a range of amenities and services tailored to specific event needs. 

Daily Operations and Food & Beverage Service

In catering, meticulous planning and coordination are paramount. From menu selection to logistics management, every detail is carefully curated to exceed client expectations. On-site, catering teams work tirelessly to execute flawless service, ensuring that guests are treated to delectable cuisines and impeccable hospitality.

Event venues, meanwhile, manage a spectrum of tasks, from booking reservations and coordinating event logistics to providing on-site support. Food and beverage service at event venues often involves collaborating with external catering partners or maintaining in-house culinary teams, offering diverse menus to cater to different preferences and dietary requirements.

Staffing Challenges in Hospitality

Both catering and event venues encounter staffing challenges unique to their operations. These include fluctuations in demand based on seasonal trends and event schedules, ensuring a skilled workforce capable of delivering exceptional service under pressure, and managing staff turnover effectively.  It is vital to hire catering staff that is talented and reliable and able to help caterers keep up with high-volume events and last-minute bookings. 

Bridging the Staffing Gap

Gigpro is a revolutionary platform connecting skilled hospitality professionals with catering and event venue gigs where catering temp and staffing agencies have fallen short. Leveraging Gigpro's intuitive interface, businesses can access a vast pool of talent on-demand, streamlining their staffing processes and ensuring optimal resource allocation for each event, whether booked last minute or well in advance. Gigpro has a proven track record of providing catering staff that are prepared, timely, and have a strong work ethic. 

Top Roles and Skills in Hospitality

Let's explore some key roles within the catering and event venue landscape, along with the professional skills needed to get the job done well:

  • Event Servers should have excellent communication and multitasking abilities, adept at providing attentive service while accommodating guest needs. Their job duties include taking food and drink orders, serving guests, clearing plates and glassware, handling all guest interactions, and more. Event wait staff is the most on-demand position caterers need to fill during their busy season. 

  • Bartenders come in all skill levels from Full-service bartenders (liquor, specialty cocktails, and other drinks) to just pouring beer and wine. The skill level needed depends on the type of event being hosted and the client’s preferences and budget. Most bartending positions require proficient experience in mixology, and require one to be both customer service-oriented and capable of maintaining a well-stocked bar in a high-volume atmosphere.

  • Front of House (FOH) Support can entail a number of different tasks depending on the event, but most often they are strong and agile and skilled in event setup and breakdown. Those who excel in FOH Support roles are exceptional at being flexible with their duties, following instructions, and paying attention to details. They should also be efficient in helping create an inviting atmosphere for guests, as events are always on a strict timeline of execution for service.

  • Back of House (BOH) Roles (e.g., Dishwashers, Event Prep, Event Cooks) must be willing to work long hours on their feet, often in remote kitchens. They should possess strong teamwork and time management skills, and be capable of working in fast-paced kitchen environments. Their prime role is to support the kitchen team and Head Chef in delivering high-quality culinary experiences to all the guests at an event. 

The hospitality vertical of catering and event venues presents a dynamic landscape filled with opportunities and challenges and the need to fill gigs on demand. Through the innovative solutions offered by the Gigpro staffing app, businesses can navigate these complexities with ease, ensuring seamless operations and unforgettable experiences for clients and guests alike. As the industry continues to evolve and rebuild post-covid, Gigpro stands as a trusted ally, empowering hospitality professionals to thrive in an ever-changing landscape, while providing businesses the workers they need to execute exceptional events.