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Gigpro Receives Hospitality Industry Hero Award

Hospitality Pro is preparing drinks at a restaurant.


MURTEC, or the Multi-unit Restaurant Technology Conference, is an annual event that brings together restaurant technology leaders and innovators from across the globe to discuss the latest trends and advancements in the industry. The conference provides a platform for restaurant operators, technology vendors, and industry experts to exchange ideas and insights about how technology is transforming the restaurant industry.

At the conference attendees have a unique opportunity to learn about emerging technologies and trends. The conference often features presentations and demonstrations of new technologies that are shaping the future of the restaurant industry. Attendees can learn about the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics, and how these technologies are being used to improve customer experiences and increase operational efficiency.

The Industry Hero Award

Gigpro was invited to the conference this year to receive an Industry Hero Award. The hospitality industry has been facing a labor crisis for years, with a shortage of workers and high turnover rates. In response to this challenge, Gigpro has developed an on-demand app-based tool that aims to solve the crisis by providing a solution to both sides of the equation: employers and employees. This innovative app has been recognized by the MURTEC Industry Hero Award, which acknowledges Gigpro's commitment to making a difference in the hospitality industry by matching businesses with workers and helping solve the labor crisis in the industry. 

The MURTEC Industry Hero Award is an important recognition for Gigpro. The Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference is widely recognized as the "gold standard" for restaurant technology education, networking, and resources for operators. This award demonstrates the impact that Gigpro is having in the industry and the value that it is providing to operators.

Why Gigpro?

Gigpro's on-demand app-based tool helps restaurants and other hospitality businesses to fill staffing gaps quickly and easily. It provides a platform for employers to connect with qualified workers who are available for short-term or temporary assignments. This is particularly valuable for businesses that experience seasonal fluctuations or sudden spikes in demand. By using Gigpro's tool, they can quickly access a pool of qualified workers who are ready to start working right away.

At the same time, Gigpro's tool also benefits employees. It provides a flexible and convenient way for workers to find employment opportunities that suit their needs and schedules. By signing up with Gigpro, workers can access a range of job opportunities that fit their skills and experience. They can choose when and where they work, giving them greater control over their schedules and work-life balance.

Overall, the MURTEC Industry Hero Award recognizes the important role that Gigpro is playing in the hospitality industry. By providing a solution to the labor crisis that benefits both employers and employees, Gigpro is helping to create a more sustainable and successful industry. As more businesses and workers discover the benefits of Gigpro's tool, it is likely that the company will continue to be recognized as a leader in the industry.