Be the Best Barback You Can Be with these Tips

Barbacks are the backbone of the bar.

Barbacks are integral parts of the beverage service industry. As a barback, your role is to support the bartenders and ensure the smooth operation of the bar. In this guide, we will delve into the responsibilities of a barback, provide insights into what you can expect on the job, offer valuable tips for a successful shift, and help you become the best barback you can be. Whether you want to get started as a barback or just want to perfect your role, Gigpro has barback shifts posted so you can get started today.

What to Expect

You can expect a fast-paced and exciting environment when working as a barback. Here’s what you’ll likely be doing on the job:

Setup and Organization

As a barback, your primary responsibility is to assist with the setup and organization of the bar before service begins. This includes stocking the bar with supplies, such as glassware, garnishes, and napkins, and ensuring that the bar is clean and well-maintained.

Ingredient Preparation

You’ll assist with the preparation of ingredients, such as cutting fruit, juicing citrus, and making garnishes. This ensures that the bartenders have everything they need to create cocktails and provide prompt service to customers.

Replenishing Supplies

Throughout the shift, you will continuously monitor inventory levels of various items, such as liquor, mixers, and ice. It is your responsibility to restock these supplies as needed, ensuring that the bar is well-stocked and ready to cater to customer orders.

Bar Maintenance

Bartending gets messy. Keeping the bar area clean and organized is crucial for fast service and safety. As a barback, you will regularly clean the bar, wash glassware, and put away clean glasses. You may also be responsible for cleaning and maintaining equipment like blenders and soda guns.

Assisting Bartenders

A significant part of your role as a barback is to support the bartenders in any way possible. This may include fetching ingredients, refilling water pitchers, collecting empty glasses, and clearing tables. By being attentive and proactive, you will contribute to a seamless customer experience and allow the bartenders to focus on what they do best – making great drinks.

Tips for a Successful Shift

Prioritize Efficiently

  • Time management is crucial as a barback.

    • Pay attention to the flow of the bar and prioritize tasks based on urgency. For example, ensure that the bartenders have enough ice, garnishes, and clean glassware before doing any side work.

  • Stay Alert and Proactive

    • Constantly monitor the bar area to anticipate the needs of bartenders and customers. If you notice a low supply of certain ingredients or empty customer water glasses, address it promptly. Proactively identifying issues will make your job easier and remove stress for the bartenders.

  • Collaborate with Bartenders and Servers

    • Foster strong communication and collaboration with your team. Learn how they work and communicate and do your best to stay on the same page. Effective teamwork is not only great for better service but also creates a more enjoyable work environment.

  • Learn from Bartenders

    • Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from experienced bartenders. Observe their techniques, ask questions, and seek their guidance. Understanding the craft not only enhances your barbacking skills but also paves the way for potential growth in your career.

By implementing these specialized tips, you can elevate your barbacking skills and become and invaluable member of the bartending team. A proactive and efficient barback makes a huge difference in the overall operations and success of the bar. If you’re looking to pick up more barbacking shifts or simply want to give barbacking a try, check out Gigpro to see barbacking shifts available near you.