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8 Essential Details to Include When Posting a Shift on Gigpro

Manager posting a shift on Gigpro and inputting Gig Details

Gigpro is the choice staffing platform for many hospitality businesses looking for reliable and skilled workers. Whether you are running a bustling restaurant, organizing an event, managing a hotel, or overseeing a retirement community, Gigpro is your go-to solution for finding top-notch professionals to fill temporary positions seamlessly. We understand the importance of setting gig workers (A.K.A. Pros) up for success and that’s why providing comprehensive details for posted shifts is a game-changer.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the critical information to include when posting a shift on Gigpro. By adding these essential details, you can make the experience as smooth and productive as possible for your business and our talented Pros. Our goal is to create a thriving gig economy that empowers businesses and gig workers alike. Let’s dive into the key elements that will help you unlock the potential of your hospitality business through Gigpro.

Detailed Job Description

Although Gigpro auto-generates a brief job description, adding more specific details about the shift will help you attract the right applicants. Include information about the tasks that they will be responsible for and any special requirements for the gig. If you know the gig will include a lot of a specific task, mention that in the posting. This clarity will help ensure that gig workers who apply are genuinely interested and suitable for the position.

Dress Code Details

Every hospitality setting has its own dress code. Include specific dress code requirements, such as attire colors, type of shoes (non-slip, for example), or any other guidelines that are essential for blending in with your business. Your brief description could be simple, like “Black button-down shirt and non-slip shoes required.” Sometimes, businesses have staff shirts or aprons. If you provide those to Pros, let them know in the description so you can communicate sizing needs.

What to Bring (And What to Leave at Home)

Help gig workers come prepared by letting them know what they should bring to their shift. This could include a personal set of knives, aprons, headphones, or a meal (if one will not be provided). On the other hand, mention what not to bring. If you do not allow items such as backpacks, cell phones, and headphones, make a note of that so gig workers will know what to leave behind.

Storage Options

Though it may be obvious to you, incoming Pros will likely wonder where they can safely store their belongings. If there is no such space available, recommend that employees leave their personal belongings at home or in the locked trunk of their car. If you do not have an area for personal storage, consider dedicating a small space so employees have a place to put things like keys and cellphones.

Parking Info

Provide clear instructions on where gig workers should park. Include the address or any landmarks nearby to help them locate the designated parking easily. If the parking lot and business are not attached, add instructions on how to get from the parking area to the restaurant. For example, “Parking is available at the garage across the street. It is approximately a 3-minute walk from the garage to the business. Bring your parking ticket to your shift for validation.” Though this is a simple detail, it can reduce stress and help the Pros arrive on time. If you are located in a busy area, you may want to give a few options for parking.

Contact Preferences

Specify whether you prefer gig workers to call the manager upon arrival or if you’ll communicate through Gigpro’s in-app messaging system. This helps streamline the check-in process and ensures that everybody is on the same page. 

Reporting Manager’s Name

Provide the name of the person who will be overseeing the Pros during their shift. Knowing who to approach upon arrival and who to come to with questions ensures a smooth workflow and fosters a sense of security among gig workers.

Timesheet Instructions

If you require workers to sign in at a specific location or use a timesheet for accurate record-keeping, include these instructions in the gig details. This attention to detail helps maintain accurate records and ensures that gig workers get promptly paid for their hard work.

At Gigpro, we strive to create a seamless experience for both businesses and our talented pool of Pros. Providing essential details when posting a shift not only sets gig workers up for success but also enhances overall productivity and fosters a positive, welcoming work environment. When deciding what information to include, put yourself in the Pro’s shoes and think through the questions that you might have before coming in for a shift. By including information about parking, dress code, and other related frequently asked questions, you’re empowering gig workers to come prepared and deliver outstanding service.

Communication is the cornerstone of a successful gig economy, and your efforts to provide comprehensive gig details contribute significantly to the success of every shift. At Gigpro, we believe that your success is our success, and we’re committed to supporting you in finding the perfect fit for your hospitality business. Together, let’s create a thriving gig community that benefits everyone involved!

“Communication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success.” - Paul J. Meyer